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  • Ph.D. Course Work held in the month of March 2018

Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur has launched its Ph.D. Degree programme 2017. The Ph.D. programme is governed by the Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) Regulations 2017. Thirteen Research Scholars have been provisionally registered to undertake the coursework. These research scholars were selected based on their performance in the All India Admission Test and presentation of their tentative research proposal before the Research Committee comprising of eminent academicians.

The Research Scholars are currently undergoing the coursework based on curriculum designed in accordance with the Ph.D. Regulations 2017. The curriculum requires the scholars to study Six (06) Papers consisting total of 16 Credits conducted over a period of One (01) Semester. For successful completion of the Ph.D. coursework every scholar requires to secure 50% of the total marks in each paper respectively and 55% marks in aggregate. The teaching period is split into three clusters spread over the entire Semester period. There is an interval of three weeks between each cluster of taught classes. The examination is scheduled in the final cluster and publication of final results within two-weeks from the last day of examination.
The Orientation programme of this inaugural Ph.D. programme was held in January, 2018 and the scholars were addressed by Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh, Vice-Chancellor, NLU Delhi; Prof. (Dr.) Paramjit S. Jaswal, Vice-Chancellor, RGNLU Punjab (Patiala) and Prof. (Dr.) Vijender Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, MNLU Nagpur. The first cluster of taught classes commenced from March 5, 2018 to March 15, 2018. The next two cluster of Ph.D. Coursework is scheduled to be held on April 9, 2018 to April 19, 2018 and May 7, 2018 to May 17, 2018 respectively. Apart from the expertise available in-house, the University also invited a host of eminent academicians and jurist to address the research scholars during the coursework.

Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur as part of its university social responsibility invited by advertising in newspaper ten Ph.D. scholars registered or provisionally registered in Universities of Nagpur or its surrounding areas to attend the coursework along with the provisionally registered Ph.D. candidates of Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur. Such an effort was desired in the benefit of these Ph.D. Scholars to enrich their knowledge from the deliberations of the eminent experts invited to lecture during the coursework.
List of the External Speakers ? Hon’ble Mr. Justice Goda Raghuram, (Retd.) former Judge, Andhra Pradesh High Court and Director, National Judicial Academy, Bhopal; ? Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.C. Chavan, (Retd.) Judge, Bombay High Court (Nagpur); ? Prof. (Dr.) R. Venkat Rao Vice-Chancellor NLSIU Bangalore; ? Prof. (Dr.) M.P. Singh, Chancellor, Haryana Central University and Former Vice- Chancellor NUJS Kolkata; ? Prof. (Dr.) V. Vijayakumar; Professor of Law, NLSIU, Bangalore and former Vice- Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai; ? Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Sinha, Director ILI Delhi; ? Prof. (Dr.) T.V. Subba Rao, Professor of Law NLSIU Bangalore; ? Prof. (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai, Registrar NLU Delhi; and ? Dr. Rajender Kumar, Hyderabad.

List of the Internal Speakers
? Prof. (Dr.) Vijender Kumar;
? Prof. (Dr.) Naresh Kumar Vats;
? Prof. (Dr.) Sirish Deshpande;
? Dr. Himanshu Pandey;
? Dr. Vijay P. Tiwari; and
? Dr. Anirban Chakraborthy.