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  • Intellectual Property Rights Chair at MNLU, Nagpur

Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur has got approval from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade for the establishment of IPR Chair for the period of five years. The Chair has been established under the scheme for Pedagogy and Research in IPRs for Holistic Education and Academia (SPRIHA). The Chair will enable MNLU, Nagpur to encourage the study and research on Intellectual Property Rights as well as to promote outreach program on Intellectual Property Rights in the region. The university started the Centre for IPR in 2016 and various National and International events, including WIPO-INDIA Summer School have been conducted by the Centre. Dr. Ragini P. Khubalkar has been appointed as In-charge of IPR Chair for promotion of activities. The University will start specialized courses on IPR, organize seminars and workshops, and promote the theme- 'Respect for Intellectual Property Rights'.

Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur is pursuing excellence in Legal and Justice education under the dynamic leadership of Hon’bleShri Justice S.A. Bobde, Chief Justice of India and Chancellor of the University. Prof. (Dr.) Vijender Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of the University, is carrying forward the vision of the esteemed University by his tireless efforts.